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The East Baton Rouge Parish Housing Authority is committed to our mission:

To provide and develop quality affordable housing opportunities for individuals and families while promoting self-sufficiency and neighborhood revitalization.

East Baton Rouge Parish Housing Authority offers an affordable housing program that provides rental assistance to low-income and moderate-income families and individuals. Our Affordable Housing Program is comprised of multi-family communities that are owned, operated and maintained by the East Baton Rouge Parish Housing Authority. Our communities are nestled in the heart of East Baton Rouge Parish providing access to necessary amenities that make it more efficient for our families. There are 12 Affordable Housing Communities containing 879 units. Three of our communities have special accommodations for seniors, handicapped and disabled families. EBRPHA is committed to neighborhood revitalization. Future development communities are located throughout Baton Rouge providing families with opportunities to any suburban lifestyle. These areas cater to a slower pace of life while retaining the advantages of living on the fringes of a large city . Our communities put you just where you want to be in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They are located on city bus routes and within walking distance of retail centers, libraries, supermarkets and community parks making your stressful commute a thing of the past. Our communities provide the convenience of community gardens that harvest fresh vegetables and produce for families, safe play grounds for children, youth activities, early learning technology programs for children ages 0-4 and a host of opportunities that families can access through our Resident Service Program. Our Affordable Housing Community units come equipped with kitchen appliances, on-site maintenance, on-site parking and safe play areas for children. Our on-site community centers offer resources and opportunities to connect with local area partners that provide recreational and educational activities for families that include all ages.

How Can I Apply?

When the determination is made to accept applications, a Public Notice is placed in the local newspaper and posted on the agency website ( stating the date(s), location(s) and all other pertinent information needed to apply. Individual waiting lists are maintained for each of the 12 Affordable Housing Communities. At any given time, a family may only have up to three applications on file with East Baton Rouge Parish Housing Authority.

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