Chroomebook in a libraryA partnership with East Baton Rouge Parish Schools provided “tech tools” for virtual learning for families of 700 children living in our communities. These families lacked equipment and internet connections needed for on-line learning. EBRPHA developed a door-to-door campaign to assess device and broadband needs.

Following up with assessments, Chromebooks, tablets, “hot spots”, computer bags, mice, and headsets were distributed through various methods throughout our communities.

EBRPHA purchased 685 laptop bags, headphones, mouse and mouse pads to supplement the efforts of EBR schools and support the virtual learning experience for the children residing in EBRPHA communities. EBR Schools allowed EBRPHA to pick up the devices from the schools and efficiently distribute Chromebooks, tablets and wi-fi hotspots to residents at EBRPHA communities. In partnership with an internet service provider, EBRPHA will execute a contract to provide free, permanent broadband access to families residing in 10 EBRPHA communities. As a result, most of the students in the EBRPHA communities are in possession of EBR School issued Chromebooks and tablets.