Many families in our communities are faced with the fear of not knowing what COVID-19 will bring for our country, local area, and our children. We carefully teach about how we could lessen their fears by focusing on three pillars: mental, physical, and financial health. We work closely to provide sustainable items, such as: reusable masks and reusable grocery bags. Coloring books, crayons and puzzles are included for children. Thanks to the Cares Act funds we are able to purchase at cost, from local business, Hair Queen in Baton Rouge, LA, and are able to supply 1,000 families (12 EBRPHA communities) during the pandemic. Providing ACCESS to internet, community food gardens, technology and safer sleeping environments help our families feel more secure and less worried about the pandemic.

EBRPHA and ACCESS are united to assist and prepare our communities for economic opportunities, education and, health and wellness. “Studies have shown a lack of sleep has direct impact on school academic performance, health, and wellness. We are able to provide an asset to our families, and that’s a bed.” – J. Wesley Daniels, Jr.

2 girls wearing masks and hugging