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Through planning for disaster recovery.


Through arts and culture.


Through workforce development.

We Are Transforming Baton Rouge

By focusing on our people, our neighborhood and our housing, BR Choice is working to transform our city with help from local, state and national partners. Learn more about the BR Choice Initiative, and join us as we build a community of opportunity and choice for ourselves and our future generations.


The BR Choice Initiative is a collaborative effort among the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the City of Baton Rouge Mayor’s Office, EBR Parish Housing Authority, EBR Redevelopment Authority, Baton Rouge Area Foundation and Integral.

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As part of the federally-funded Choice Neighborhoods Initiative (CNI), BR Choice is committed to implementing a comprehensive plan to transform neighborhoods of concentrated poverty into neighborhoods of opportunity.

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The BR Choice initiative targets an approximately 1.6 square mile area of two adjoining neighborhoods at the heart of north Baton Rouge – Smiley Heights and Melrose East.

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Find out our goals for the community for people, neighborhoods, and housing – but more importantly, find out how we plan to achieve these goals.

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