What is Affordable Housing?

The conventional public housing program provides rental assistance to low-income and moderate-income families and individuals. Our Public Housing Program is comprised of multi-family units or apartments that are owned, operated and maintained by the Housing Authority. Presently in Baton Rouge, there are 14 Public Housing development sites containing 1,153 units. Three of these sites have special accommodations to house elderly, handicapped and disabled families.

Development sites are located throughout the Baton Rouge community, and most are on city bus routes, within walking distance of retail centers, and community parks. Family complexes are situated on spacious grounds, providing a safe playground for children. Apartment complex sizes ranges from 29 units (Duane Street) to 250 units (Turner Plaza). Most complexes offer laundry facilities. All units have oven/range and refrigerator/freezers. On-site community centers offer links with local service agencies that provide recreational and educational activities for residents of all ages.

How Can I Apply?

When the determination is made to accept applications, a Public Notice is placed in the local newspaper and posted on the agency website (www.ebrpha.org) stating the date(s), location(s) and all other pertinent information needed to apply. Individual waiting lists are maintained for each of the 14 public housing apartment complexes. At any given time, a family may only have up to three applications on file with the PHA.

Median IncomeFY2018 Income Limits1-Person Household2-Person Household3-Person Household4-Person Household5-Person Household6-Person Household7-Person Household8-Person Household
$74,800Extremely Low$15,750$18,000$20,780$25,100$29,420$33,740$38,060$42,380
Very Low$26,200$29,950$33,700$37,400$40,400$43,400$46,400$49,400

Resident Resources

Here you will find information on a wide range of resources and forms available for our Public Housing Residents.